The Old General Store
Head on down to the General Stoe for all you need to live in the 30's or 40's!
ready to get hungry?
The Old General Store
Head on down to the General Stoe for all you need to live in the 30's or 40's!
Bring your nickels and dimes!

The Old General Store Cash Registers

JR0187 National Cash Register, brass

Antique National Cash Register Co. Ltd. cash register in wood tone metal case. Height 43.2cm (17″)

JR0607 National Cash Register Model 313

Early National Brass Cash Register 313 No. 848530 w/ Amount Purchased top sign, marble ledge, wood base, and ornate detailing
Measures 10 inches wide, 16 inches deep at the base and 21 inches tall.

JR0394 National Cash Register, embossed brass (STAND NOT INCLUDED)

 ECash register, National, Model No. 33, yellow brass, fancy Fleur-de-lis embossed case. , 22″H x 17.5″W. nice condition

JR0969 National Cash Register & Cabinet Brass with oak cabinet 10 drawers.

Floor Model National Cash Register Co. with red brass finish and black painted wooden base. The register sits atop a tiger oak cabinet with 10 drawers.

This model was used in department stores in the 1940s.

Circa 1910s. Dimensions: 68″ x 25″ x 22″

JR0268 Regina portable typewriter

 Vintage portable typewriter, in black leather carrying case

Brandt Automatic Cashier /w coin changer

The machine dispenses change in amounts between 1 cent and 99 cents. It has eight channels across the front, three for pennies, one for nickels, two for dimes, one for quarters and one for 50-cent pieces. Above and behind the channels is an array of 99 plastic keys, numbered from 1 to 99. Pressing another key, marked “5,” releases five pennies. On the right are keys marked 10, 25, 25 and 100 that give change for these amounts. The entire coin holder can be removed from the mechanism for storage of coins. Pushing down a key moves a bar that pushes coins from a channel into a compartment with a trap door at its base. Pushing the trap door back releases change into the hand.

Vintage calculator Addo – X

Very rare, in very nice condition
Created by ADDO-MALMÔ in Sweden.
First half of the 20th century.
H x w x d: 26x24x42
Weight: 10 kg

Has an old paper roll.


Portable Stenotype Machine

1916 antique Stenotype La Salle Extension University Master Model Four with original case.

Offered is a vintage  Stenotype machine marked “La Salle Extension University, Chicago, Illinois”.  It is the “Master Model Four”.  It was last patented Sept. 21, 1915.

It is in excellent condition with it’s original paper still intact! It works perfectly. It comes with it’s original case.

JR0543 Remington Standard typewriter

A Remington Standard Typewriter No. 7 manufactured by Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, New York, U.S.A, Circa 1905

JR0579 Dalton adding machine 

14 1/4″h x 14 1/2″w x 10″d

This ten-key printing manual adding machine has an black iron and glass frame with a steel keyboard painted green. Two rows of white plastic number keys are marked with digits and their complements (complements are in red). One could punch the digits of a number without setting the place of the first digit. Numbers with up to nine digits could be entered. The five red function keys read designate, eliminate, repeat, total, and correction. The printing mechanism, with two-colored ribbon, is on the top of the machine. Apparently the machine does not print symbols. Nine-digit totals could be printed. The “nine-inch” movable carriage has a paper tape dispenser behind it, but no paper tape. The serrated edge above the platen for tears the paper tape.


Antique Cast Iron SUPERB Tobacco Plug Cutter.

“Japanned Finish”
Circa 1800’s

JR0224 Eagle Cigar Lighting element brown.

Eagle Vintage Antique Electric Table Lighter Ceramic coated

Wooden Thread Spool

Vintage Toilet Paper holder

“Keepsake” Diamond Rings Neon Sign

Portable handheld sewing machine

Vintage SINGER Professional Buttonholer Slant Needle Zig-zag Sewing Machines

This item is in good condition, includes what is shown in the pictures.

Package of “Keenpoint” Thumb Tacks

Portable Singer Sewing Machine

Awesome working portable electric singer sewing machine with case and extras. Excellent condition all way around and working condition.  This  sewing machine was purchased by a gentleman for his wife, she used it  once or twice and did not like to sew. the machine is in new condition. It has sat for many years.

Year of Manufacture:1950’s

Novelty Puff Cigarettes

Adult Novelty only. Not Suitable for ages 18 and under.
Do Not Light
Blow Only. Do Not Suck
Cigarette Farce NV-018 D.N.I. Made In China

JR0294 JR Watkins tonic bottle

Scalp Tonic, J.R. Watkins Company

The Old General Store Cash Registers

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