The Old General Store
Head on down to the General Stoe for all you need to live in the 30's or 40's!
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The Old General Store
Head on down to the General Stoe for all you need to live in the 30's or 40's!
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The Old General Store, Scales

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Address Richmond BC Canada

Coca Cola 5 cent Scale

Model 756B 

Toledo Scale Company 
made in Toledo Ohio, USA

JR0  Scale 


JR0356 Computing Co. Scale Model 251 

Antique Computing Scale from late 1800’s – early 1900’s. This piece has fantastic patina for your man cave or store/restaurant.

JR0519 Toledo Scale

JR0519 Toledo Scale 

Model 404Y
No Springs, Red metal, brass trim


JR0439 Howe Barrel scale

Howe cast, brass and metal frame figured body, countertop scale. 30lb. capacity with milk glass tray. Measurements: 36″ tall.

JR0613 National Candy Scale

JR0613 National Candy Scale

Red painted/brass trim Manufactured by the National Store Specialty Co. in Lancaster Size 9″ L.

JR0998 National Novelty 1 cent scale

Cast-Iron Scale Fresh Restoration Cobalt Blue & White w Nickel Trim

1920s National Novelty Company Coin-operated scale

This unit measures 72″ height x 24″ length x 16″ width

JR0807 Stimpson 20lb scale

Unusual and Rare original Hanging Barrel Scale – Circa 1895.

Rare to find a Stimpson Scale from this vintage in such excellent condition with beautiful ornate brass.

Scale made by the Stimpson Computing Scale Company, Detroit, Michigan.
Scale is dark blue with hand painted detail and gold leaf trim done by an outstanding artist/craftsman. 
Includes matching scale plate with gold leaf trim.

Scale works smoothly.
Barrel Scale: Approx. 15″x12″

Scale Plate: Approx. 12″x15″


JR0332 Stamprite Letter Scale

Made by S. C. Sheldon of Pasadena, California. “Stamprite Letter Scale”. It has gray wrinkle paint on it. It is about 6″ deep by 3 1/2″ across by 7″ tall. Very nice condition.

JR0208 Angldile Scale Open Face Scale with Original Stand

Angldile Springless Automatic Countertop Scale w/Double-Sided Light-Up “Honest Weight” Top Sign, Restored Black & Red w/Gold Details, Model 400

JR0472 Elgin National Coffee Mill

Red painted cast metal and gold trim. Item measures approx. 65″h. It is made of cast iron including the base. The wheels are marked “Elgin National” and the grinder is marked “Empire”

Elgin National Coffee Grinders with this style were manufactured between 1885-1905.

Excellent restoration. 

JR0372 Lane Brothers cast metal red painted Coffee Mill

JR0372 Lane Brothers cast metal, red painted, Coffee Mill

American, late 19th-early 20th century. A double-wheeled cast iron coffee mill in red and blue paint, with original hinged lid and tin grounds drawer

JR0505 Cast iron grain grinder Model No. 2

Vintage Antique No 2 Cast Iron Coffee Flour Grain Mill Grinder

Red painted, Hand Crank Primitive

This is a very nice antique grist mill grinder. It has all internal parts and is in very good working condition

No. 102 Sponge & Co Ltd. Bean Slicer

No. 102 Sponge & Co Ltd. Bean Slicer

Made in England

A very nice Vintage Retro Kitchenalia Spong No. 102 Bean Slicer in Red Enamelled paint and dating from the late 1940’s – 1950’s .

The Table Top Design Bean Slicer, is in very good condition, considering its age and use, and retains its original red paint and wooden handle.

JR0355 Dayton Grinder Model 4002

Dayton Scale Company Divisions of International Machines Corporation 

DC Motor; HP 1/6; Volts 32; AMP 8; RPM 1725

Model no. 4002

JR0440 DeLaval Vintage Cream/Milk Separator

This cream separator was made by the De Laval Cream Separator Company, headquartered in New York City. The mechanics behind this separator were first developed in the 1880s by Gustaf De Laval in Stockholm, Sweden. DeLaval was the first to patent the centrifuge style separator & was the most common, sought-after brand of its time. In 1942 there were over six million De Laval separators in the country, but many were melted for iron during the WWII war effort.


JR0813 Enterprise Mfg. Coffee grinder Model 12

Enterprise Coffee Mill This very nice condition coffee mill was made by the most famous maker of cast iron grinders and other cast iron kitchenware, The Enterprise Manufacturing Co. of Philadelphia PA.. It is in very nice overall condition and is all original. The paint is good+ and just slightly faded as is often found. It works fine and grinds it as fine as one could want. 

Enterprise No. 12 painted cast iron coffee grinder, dated 1873.

JR0518 Grain grinder

Vintage Antique Cast Iron Wall Mount Primitive Food Processor Authentic Kitchen Decor, Retro Display

Vintage Coffee or spice grinder mounted on a board for wall display. This is a great piece of collectible american. 


JR0367 Vintage coffee mill grinder

with drawer and hand crank.

JR0363 Coffee grinder

JR0366 Vintage coffee mill grinder

with drawer and hand crank.

JR0359 Coffee grinder

drawer missing.

This is a vintage cast iron and dovetailed wood coffee grinder.  It has a pull-out drawer missing

JR0365 Coffee grinder

Drawer missing

The Old General Store, Scales

Main(604) 275-1919 Cell (604)812-6534

available from 10:00 – 19:00

Address Richmond BC Canada