If it smells of gasoline and gets a Carnut's heart beating, this is the place to be


Petroliana Signs 2

JR0456 Mobilgas Pegasus, Left

Very Large Porcelain Die-Cut Mobilgas Pegasus Sign, Red & white  7′ 8″ x 5′ 9″

JR0456 Mobilgas Pegasus, right

Very Large Porcelain Die-Cut Mobilgas Pegasus Sign, Red & white  7′ 8″ x 5′ 9″

JR0457 OK used car sign



JR0931 Husky Motor Oil Gasoline Service Station Sign

Original Porcelain Sign made by Texlite, Inc.
5’ x 5’

JR1017 Neon “OK” Used Cars sign on stand

An excellent looking piece of neon advertising. The double sided Sign is complete with porcelain bull noses. The neon is all intact and in fantastic working condition. Sign shows excellent color.  There are few areas of touch up and color matching throughout the field. Dimensions: 58″ x 42″ x 16″.

JR0198 Neon Studebaker dealer sign

Exceptional circa 1940s Reproduction Studebaker Authorized Service single-sided neon porcelain dealership sign.  Eye-appealing, especially when lit. Size: 42″x42″

JR0354 Neon Buick dealer sign

Reproduction 1950’S Authorized BUICK VALVE IN HEAD Porcelain Neon Advertising Dealer Sign. 42″


JR0450 North Star Petroleum products

Porcelain two-sided 66 “
According to online sources, North Star Oil, Ltd. started in Canada about 1911 and sold out to Shell in 1961. They had 1000 service stations and 350 bulk oil plants.


JR0750 Coca Cola Gas price sign

1929 tin sign “Gas Today”  Highly desirable, an exceptional example. 1929 Coca-Cola tin sign “Gas Today”  9″x13″

JR0742 Texaco sign

Texaco Sign porcelain 25.5″

JR0743 Texaco enameled sign  

“New Texaco Motor Oil”
Single-sided tin enamel can-shaped sign. Condition: Excellent. Dimensions: 22″W x 34″T

JR0747  Quakerstate Motor Oil sign

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26.5″ x 29″ New Old Stock Quaker State sign

JR0748  “Texaco” Sign

The Texas Company USA Petrolium Products
sign 12” diam.
Texaco The Texas Company USA Logo Porcelain Sign

JR0593 Texaco Restroom sign & 2 keys

Early 2-sided tin litho Texaco service station hanging sign on its original iron mounting bracket made for holding rest room keys. Note: Sign also includes 2  key holders.

12 x 9″ sign

Tourist Texaco Restroom Letter

A letter from Texaco Dealer

Something a “tourist” appreciates 

A letter to the customers depicting the cleanliness of the washrooms.

JR0749 Texaco  Motor Oil sign


Petroliana Signs 2