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Petroliana, Early Days of Motoring


JR0618 Lace-On-Boot, Ajax Rubber Co.

Used on car tires after a blowout in the early 1900’s

JR0199 Parking meter Head

Parking meter head 

MI-CO Meter, Cincinatti and Montreal.
Parking Limit 60 Minutes
Uses Nickels only

JR0859 Packard hood ornament

Packard Franklin Mint Gold Plated Hood Ornament Flying Goddess of Speed

JR0862 1928 -1931 Oakland Motor Eagle Radiator Cap Hood Ornament

JR0861 Stutz hood ornament

Franklin Mint, Stutz Gold Plated Die-Cast Hood Ornament
Width: 4″
Height: 6″
Base: 3″x3″

JR0870 Presto-lite Battery sign 

Prest-O-lite “Hi-Level” Batteries, 11.5×4 inches,


JR0546 3 oil can spouts & 1 opener

Ford Hood Ornament

1940s Packard Hood Ornament Swan

Pierce Arrow Hood ornament

Cadillac Hood Ornament

approx 1931

Nickel Electroplate with brush kit.

WSW Electric Safety Curb Feelers

New in Box

Drive in theatre speakers

JR0194 Oil can

Vintage railroad long neck oil can made in Urbana OH

Used mainly by the railroad

4 coil packs

3 Ford

1 Detroit