Music from the Past
Back before I-Phones and Walkmans and even radios, there were many ways for people to listen to their favourite music!
Music from the Past
Music from the Past

Music from the past Miscellaneous

JR0561 RCA wall speaker Wooden case

JR0573 Atwater Kent early radio speaker

Circular metal with brass stand
Atwater Kent type E speaker & Model 35 TRF 01A radio

JR0609 Magnavox “Dynamic 80” loudspeaker, wooden case

Circa 1914-1928
Magnavox Dynamic 80 Radio Loudspeaker is an AC powered speaker with matching transformer. A selenium rectifier converts AC to DC for the field coil. The matching transformer allows a vintage type radio (such as a coffin case radio) to drive a louder, better sounding speaker (that is low impedence), versus the traditional horn speakers of the day.

Santa Music Box

JR0214 Miniature Carousel Music box

JR0200 Musical Harp–Kenya

JR0258 EOS Austrian lighter on musical base

This great vintage collectible Austrian lighter music box is dated from 1955 but the insert suggests could be from 1950. The lighter does have a good spark and has a wheel and flint mechanism. The lighter stands on top of the music box, which plays when it is lifted once having been wound and the key is located under the music box base.

JR0348 Crystalab ‘Metronoma’ Electric Metronome

Manufactured by Crystolab.

Height: 6″ Width: 4 3/4″ Depth: 4 1/2″
Length of electric cord: 126″
Weight: 2 1/2 lbs.

Sound (beat ticker) and light pulse are both in working condition.
Very nice collectible!

JR0254 J H Bunnell telegraph box

antique telegraph set.150 ohms
J H BUNNELL& CO patented Feb 5, 1881 BOX RELAY KOB telegraph of bright brass anddeep gloss mahogany. Totally rust free!This key and sound amplifier box assembly is in extremely fine condition,exhibiting a super bright and shiny disposition and clearlythe finest example of this form of telegraph that will every come to market.Is it safe to say that this piece is in NEAR MINT CONDITION

“4 Sided ” HOHNER Tremolo Quartet Harmonica

Vintage 4 sided M. Hohner Harmonica in EXCELLENT and Ready to Play Condition. Made in Germany. 9.5 inches long. Actually it exists of 4 different harmonica’s in 4 different keys: C – F – D – G. Comes in original box. Printed Trademarked Paris 1900 and Chicago 1893

RCA Victor Metal sign



JR0701 Stumpf fiddle

Stumpf Fiddle one-man-band, made in USA

Vintage Stumpf Fiddle, One Man Band Bells & Original Stand OR Wall Hanger A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE STUMPF FIDDLE Best as I can make out, the stumpf fiddle was born of the rhythm sticks that may have come over to America from Central Europe. I found little information about the whys and wherefores, but can imagine it made its way here in the early 1900s with the waves of immigrants.Wikipedia makes mention of the stumpf fiddle on its Pogocello page, ascribing it as the basis for Mack Perry’s invention in the 1950s. Legend (or maybe fact) has it that the modern stumpf fiddle was conceived by Charlie and Bob Cronin, along with a gentleman named Bill Schwartz. These guys met at a Packers game with rhythm sticks in tow, and combined their efforts to market the things by way of The Fiddle Factory

JR0703 QRS “Play-a-sax” brass saxophone

This is a Play-A-Sax by the Q.R.S. DeVry Corp., Chicago, Illinois.
Patented 1930 by H.O. Drotning Patent #1,752,978 – The toy sax measures 12″ with a 2 ¾” diameter horn. The music rolls are perforated and wrap around the front of the sax to play 16 notes through the 16 slotted openings. Put on the music roll on, turn the crank and breathe. The music roll boxes are labeled Q.R.S.

JR0373 Morse code instructograph

Black case circa 1947. Stamped paper reel Morse Code player for training purposes.
11.00 ” W x 7.00 ” H x 8.00 “D; 

JR0389 Instructograph Rolls

JR0389 Instructograph Rolls 

Comes with JR0373 Morse Code Instructography

JR0507 Amplifier, black metal case

6” x 10”

JR0898 Cail-O-Scope “Peep Show” Viewer

Model 2623, 74 in. high x 20 in. wide x 17 in. deep.
The Cail-O-Scope Oak Viewing Machine. 5 cent coin operated machine in oak with inset panels, cast metal view finder, cabriole legs, spiral turned half columns and inset front panel with Caille Bros. Co. logo and painted gold door  type finish.    STAND NOT INCLUDED

JR0413 Seeburg oak cased Nickelodeon Stained glass upper door panels Model L

JR0413 Seeburg oak cased Nickelodeon Stained glass upper door panels, Model L

37 X 54 1/2 X 23 1/4 inches.
Seeburg “L” Keyboard-less Nickelodeon. Smallest model made. Plays 10 tune-“A” rolls. Comes with 3 rolls. Quarter sawn oak cabinet and leaded glass panels.

Music from the past Miscellaneous