Music from the Past
Back before I-Phones and Walkmans and even radios, there were many ways for people to listen to their favourite music!
Music from the Past
Music from the Past

Music from the past Record Players

JR0521 Monarch portable record player

Red alligator type case,
It has variable speed the main speed being 78. (The speed regulator is fully functional)
The box is approx. 14.75″ (37.5 cm) long, 11.5″ (29 cm) wide and 6.25″ (16 cm) tall.

JR0520 Admiral portable record player, Model 2D2X

Mid-century vintage Admiral model # RC618-10H portable turntable record player. It spins & the speaker works but it needs a cartridge & needle. Shows some light wear. Case measures 8.5″T x 15 3/4″W x 17″D. 

JR0582 Decca Junior portable phonograph

English made, Black leatherette case, 
Decca Junior Portable Musical Box Gramophone in Black 14 October 1924 Hand Crafted Turntable Phonograph.
Measures approximately 32 x 32 x 24 cm 

JR0183 Fleetwood Crank Phonograph

Vintage Fleetwood Phonograph Portable Hand Crank. 

JR0210 Polly Portable Phonograph

Manufactured by Polly Portable Phonograph Inc, New York N.Y. Suitcase style portable phonograph. Uses a paper sound horn which attaches directly to the top of the reproducer. Paper sound horn labelled Polly Portable Oscillator. Hand cranked clockwork mechanism. Case approximately 11 x 10 ¾ x 3 ¼ inches. Plays 78rpm records. Early to mid 20th century.

JR0247 Braun Children’s Electric Phonograph

JR0358 RCA crank record player—this is an excellent parts unit,missing the head

JR0321 Vintage RCA Victor Victrola 45 RPM Record Player Bakelite Model 45-J

Measures 10 1/4″ x 7″ x 3 1/2″
This is a vintage mid century RCA Victor 45-J-2 record player for parts and/or repair. It is a mono system. Cosmetically, the record player is in very good condition. The plastic is bakelite and is in great shape. Functionally, the motor turns.

JR0511  Califone  1815K Portable record player

This is a commercial grade Portable record player with built in amp and 12 inch speaker. Plays all speeds and sizes. Mechanically perfect (everything cleaned and lubed) but does have a hum in the sound that goes away after 2-3 minutes. Otherwise in very good condition for an early 70’s Machine.

JR0533 Challenger P.A. amplifier with turntable

A very nice working 1950s Bogen Challenger CH30 PA amplifier. A warm and smooth sounding monoblock (single channel) Challenger ch30 made to work for a stereo phono to aux level input. The other volume knob is the main output volume and we redesigned the “selecTone” circuit for a little more clarity. A computer grade shielded power cable helps to keep externally induced hum in these sensitive circuits to a minimum. This amp can be used to sum stereo and use just one speaker or you can put an RCA shorting cap on one of the inputs and use it as a single channel monoblock.

JR0638 Peter Pan ‘Box Camera’ portable phonograph, black leatherette case.

PETER PAN PORTABLE DISC PHONOGRAPH| 78 RPM disc, circa 1920, Peter Pan mica reproducer, portable box camera style phonograph, complete, faux alligator covering.

JR0616 Bonanza child’s phonograph

White painted metal case

JR0588 Stewart child’s phonograph

The Stewart Phonograph (1916) In 1893, John K. Stewart and Thomas Clark started manufacturing drive-shafts, sheep shears, horse clippers, and bicycle handle-bars in Chicago. Then they expanded to speedometers for Model T Fords. They bought the Warner company in 1912, and by 1916 Stewart, who loved music, had established a phonograph factory in Chicago. A trademark was filed for the Stewart Phonograph Corp at 2827 N. Lincoln St., Chicago, Il., November, 1916 (R. J. Wakeman). The Stewart Phonograph, with its distinctive round metal case, caused a brief flurry in the market when it was introduced in 1916. It was manufactured by the Stewart Phonograph Company of Chicago, an offshoot of the Stewart-Warner Corporation, and was headed by industrialist J. K. Stewart.There are scratches were the case hold down bracket holds the phonograph.

JR0585 Nirona child’s phonograph

German made
Nirona childs phonograph

JR0614 Spear child’s phonograph

Blue painted metal case, electric motor
Measures approximately 14 x8x4 ½”

JR0615 Bingola II child’s phonograph

Metal triangular case
German made, brown painted

JR0705 Mikiphone pocket portable phonograph

German made, nickel plated, circular case.
circa 1920; unique traveling phonograph, in chrome case resembling large pocket watch, with hinged lid and Swiss-made works and construction, Mikiphone reproducer with celluloid amplifier, 4 1/2 in. Diam.

JR0707 Emerson ‘Wondergram’ portable phonograph

battery powered
C. 1960 Emerson “Wondergram” portable phonograph

Made By Baird In England, Circa 1962

Plays 33 1/3 and 45 records. Runs on 4 C cell batteries. At one time considered the smallest record player in the world. Produced from 1959 to 1965. Retailed for $70 and could be bought for $60 without the leatherette carry case.

JR0624 Decca telesmatic phonograph

English made, brown leatherette case, Swiss made soundbox Model 22

JR0637 Kampac portable crank phonograph

7″ by 6″ by 5″, very nice vintage portable phonograph

JR0708 Thorens portable phonograph

Blue painted case, circa 1940
Phonograph, Thorens Excelda Portable Phonograph, c.1930, no missing parts, plays great 2″H x 11″W x 5″D

JR0709 Thorens portable phonograph, Excelda model

black leatherette case, circa 1930
“Thorens Excelda” Portable Gramophone
Swiss made folding camera phone, lacquered metal case, spring-driven, very good working original condition.

JR0717 Camerphone portable phonograph,

English Made, mahogany case
1920s CAMERAPHONE Gramophone / Record Player Disk Phonograph – made in England
approx 7″ long by just under 5″ wide and 6-1/4″ tall

JR0712 Thorens music box & 6 discs

Vintage 1950’s Thorens Music Box Player
Miniature metal disc music box Thorens Switzerland. Key wind 1920-1950’s. 

JR0713 Bin Pigmyphone child’s phonograph.

Tin case lithographed decoration 6” square Child’s Bing Pigmyphone phonograph, litho on tin case, plays 5″ records, made in Germany, VG working condition, 3.5″H x 6″W.

JR0229 Grippa portable perophone

This vintage machine is a gramophone,. The turntable slides out some so larger records can be played on it. It is in good working order and in great condition. Complete with mini-horn. This is named The Grippa, Portable Perophone , Absolutely New, Pixie Talking Machine. Made by British Manufacture Perophone Ltd., London, England.

This is a beautiful, wind-up gramophone dating back to the first quarter of the 20th century. It holds immense collector’s value as this device and this particular model is extremely rare! All inscriptions on the inside of the case are perfectly readable.

JR0715 Clear plastic miniature Grand Piano music box

Grand piano shape musical figure measures 6 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches
Toyo, wind-up musical mechanism; plays tune from song Memory

JR0706 Mikkyphone portable phonograph, Japanese made, oblong folding case

Mikky Phone traveling phonograph made in occupied Japan. Advertised as ‘Perfect for the picnic’, self contained in small metal box, 12 x 14 x 9 cm, all original in working condition. A very rare machine

JR0364 Philips AM radio Record Player, Model R651

What we have is an AM radio (185 – 580m, 1622 – 517 kHz), integrated with a 3-speed record player AG 2002-46 powered by 110V, 60Hz. The radio is a conventional AA5 (All American Five Tube) superheterodyne receiver, used by Philips also in other radios. Switch to gramophone is on top (“R / PU” in pict.17). The case is Philite (Philips’ trade mark for Bakelite), painted ivory on front and top with the Rogers Majestic crest on top. 3-speed record player integrated in the Philite case. Transparent cover with hinges on the rear, 1.5 lbs heavy turntable platter covered with red felt mat, largely eliminates wow and flutter. Automatic switch-off at end of record, crystal pick-up with twin sapphire needles replaced by NOS ceramic flip-flop two-needle jukebox cartridge for 78 rpm and microgroove (45 and 33 rpm).

JR0218 Birch brown Portable Phonograph with crank, Model 700

Birch Model 700 portable wind-up acoustic phonograph.
Manufactured by the Boetsch Bros. (New York)

BIRCH model 700 windup 78RPM portable phonograph Description: is a suitcase-type BIRCH Model 700 windup 78 RPM portable phonograph. When closed, measures approx. 14″ deep x 16″ wide x 7″ tall, rests on 4 feet. Pocket in cover for records. Container at lower left for needles. Fast/slow adjustment. INCLUDES assortment of approx. 100 needles, most of which seem to fit OK.

Vintage Philco Wood Tube Radio Pop out Record Player Mode 10664b

Vintage Philco Wood Tube Radio & Pop out Record Player Model # 10664b

This is a vintage Philco Model 10664B Radio/Turntable sometimes known as “The Bing Crosby”. The radio works, it hums when turned on a gets a couple of stations. In “Phono” mode I can detect the turntable turning. The cabinet is good for it’s age. All tubes are present.

Philco Radio / Record Player (Inside look)

Record player with storage drawer

Portable record Player

Crocodile skin case

Rare Fairy Style Lamp Phonograph, Black

Made by Burns and Pollack Electrical Manufacturing Co, Indiana Harbor; Indiana, Restored

Circa 1915. The turntable contained in an octagonal fabric-covered tasseled bowl with hinged dome cover; trumpet-form acoustic base horn gilt-metal-mounted copper pedestal and lion’s paw feet. Height 25.75 inches; Width 16.5 inches

Rare Fairy Style Lamp Phonograph, Pink

Made by Burns and Pollack Electrical Manufacturing Co, Indiana Harbor; Indiana, Restored

Circa 1915. The turntable contained in an octagonal fabric-covered tasseled bowl with hinged dome cover; trumpet-form acoustic base horn gilt-metal-mounted copper pedestal and lion’s paw feet. Height 25.75 inches; Width 16.5 inches

Edison brand Blue Amber Phonograph  record. HAVE A LOT FOR SALE–INQUIRE

JR0 Record


Music from the past Record Players