Music from the Past
Back before I-Phones and Walkmans and even radios, there were many ways for people to listen to their favourite music!
Music from the Past
Music from the Past

Music from the past​ Grammaphones

JR0617 Edison Phonograph Model 1212D

 3″ across by 11″ tall by 9″ wide
1906 Edison Phonograph

JR0626 Victor Phonograph Model V

Countertop Oak Victor Phonograph Model VIC V by Victor Talking Mch. Co. Camden, New Jersey, USA. w/ large oak horn, extra needles & hand crank

JR0649 Edison floor model phonograph

Mahogany case, Diamond Disc, Model C250
Edison Floor Model C250 Cabinet Phonograph. Edison upright floor model phonograph has a mahogany cabinet with pierced carved speaker cover, lower door with 2 disc drawer interior, long corbeled feet continuing up through pilaster columns in the chamfered corners and hinged lid with gold Edison decal underneath. 12 in. spring driven turntable with crank on the right side of the case, in good working condition, signed on a metal tag “Edison Disc Phonograph”, model C-250, serial number SM 17102. With 107 Diamond Disc records, case has an overcoated finish, top of lid has some moisture damage to the finish. 50.5 in. high x 23 in. wide x 25 in. deep.

JR0663 Columbia ‘Grafonola’ Gramophone

JR0 Victrola


, c. 1920,

JR0 Victrola


, c. 1920,

JR0664 Victrola Gramophone ‘Victor Talking Machine’ Model XI Type G


, c. 1920, having a lift-top mahogany floor cabinet with front speaker doors over record storage cabinet doors. Dimensions: 43.25″H x 20″W x 22.25″D.

JR0665  Victrola Gramophone “Credenza” model, 4 LP books

Includes generous quantity of records

VICTROLA DISC PHONOGRAPH, “Credenza” model 8-30  c. 1925-28. Considered the most famous of the Orthophonic Victrolas, it contains the longest internal horn Victor made at six feet; the 4-spring motor runs a 12″ turntable 20 minutes on one winding; the lift-top cabinet features a cloth speaker grill behind double doors flanked by narrow record storage cabinets. Dimensions: 45.5″H x 31.25″W x 21.75″D.

JR0669 Victrola Gramophone 3 cranks No records, Model VV-X

 spider leg phonograph- rare. 20″ x 16″ x 42″

JR0671 Edison Phonograph, Model B80

Does not include stand

Edison Model “B80″ Phonograph plays Edison Diamond Disc Records – 17.5″ X 17.5″ X 23.5” Table Top Oak Cabinet

Edison Diamond Disc Model B80

Introduced in 1912 at a cost of $80 as the A80, this model was distinguished by its belt drive motor, with the turntable driven by a rubber belt rather than the usual drive gear. The improved B80 was introduced in 1914.

JR0674 Victrola Gramophone 18 books (not full) Model VVXVI

Phonograph, Victor Victrola VV-XVI, mahogany cabinet w/orig finish, c.1920’s-30’s, Exc orig working cond, 49″H x 22″W x 24″D.


Fairy Phonograph Lamp

Manfactured by Endless-Graph  Manufacturing. Chicago Illinois.

Phongraph built into a lamp, electrically operated motor, sound amplifying chamber in the base of the lamp. It is a table model restored in a metal case. When not use, the phonograph is covered with a lid with a eagle figurine. 

Built in April 1920
Invented by Canadian Roman Gosett
Phonograph Arm Turns Up When Not Playing Record to Use as Lamp Only
Base Contains Horn, Upper Portion Contains Electric Motor for Turntable
Volume Control on One Arm
Turntable Speed Controller Under Turntable
Eagle Head Cover

JR0189 Edison Amberola crank style

Oak Edison Amberola model 30 table top disc phonograph, with crank

JR0242 Edison Amberola, Model 30

Oak Edison Amberola model 30 table top disc phonograph, with crank

JR0510 Edison Home Phonograph

Edison model B Home phonograph, 2/4 minute gearing. Circa 1905, Including small reproduction cone horn.
It is ready to play your 2 and 4 minute cylinder records, comes complete with a rebuilt model H reproducer with new styli.

JR0297 Molded plastic model of “Nipper”

His Masters Voice with internal light
White painted finish with Brown, Black and Gold detail.

JR0554 Victor Phonograph Model V1C1

w/ Witch’s Hat Metal Horn

JR0568Columbia Grapgophone key wind, Model Type B

Columbia graphophone type b cylinder phonograph with horn and lid, c.1898

JR0329 Edison Amberola

Oak Edison Amberola model 30 table top disc phonograph, with crank

JR0509 Edison Amberola 

Early 20th Century Edison portable cylinder phonograph

JR0608 Victor Phonograph Model  IV

Mahogany case & painted horn

JR0610 Columbia Graphophone, Oak case, nickel horn, Model B1

13” x 13” x 8” TYPE B1  c. 1906
9-petal horn is likely of nickel-plated brass and measures approximately 21″ at the diameter and 18″ tall; one  petal hosts a handful of superficial scratches while some of the other petals show a few minor dings; the  threaded screw-on portion shows incipient separation mechanical components of graphophone are all present  including original 10″ green felt turntable, Analyzing Reproducer with volume regulator, crank and motor, and speed control

JR0182 Framed collection of Phonograph miscellany incl.

Bing Crosby cleaners & 2 musical lighters

JR0629 Western Electric Phonograph arm

JR0  Phonograph

JR0697 Edison Phonograph standard

Model circa 1928.
Cygnet horn, black metal,oak Case, Model B
Housed in a highly polished oak cabinet with wing type clips to secure the id, this cylinder player is slightly larger than the Standards. Manufacturer’s plaque is marked with serial number 323003. Includes crank, Cygnet horn, and support bracket. Dimensions: 16″W x 10-1/2″D x 12-1/2″T

JR0612 Phonograph attachment speaker

JR0298 Rock-ola Horn speaker


JR0711 Record Needles 26 tins

JR0771 Edison brass phonograph horn

Fits a cylinder record player

JR0772 Edison Phonograph horn

Original  unrestored Morny Glory horn.
Fits a cylinder record player

Red painted petal design
Chicago red morning glory horn with floral decals

JR0773 Red painted phonograph horn

Fits a cylinder record player

JR0551 RCA Radiola speaker with needlework front in octagonal wooden frame

Circa 1910 Model 103  RCA manufactured the 103 speaker in 1928        which sold in 1928 for $37.50.  this speaker is totally original .

JR0633 Record stand . 

Music from the past​ Grammaphones