Music from the Past
Back before I-Phones and Walkmans and even radios, there were many ways for people to listen to their favourite music!
Music from the Past
Music from the Past

Music from the past Player Pianos and Orchestrions 2

JR0492 Wurlitzer Player Piano

Rebuilt predecessor to the Jukebox
Approx. 1906
Coin-operated player piano, Wurlitzer

JR0723 160 Amberols

103 Scopitone rolls
5 Player Piano Rolls

JR0818 Stuyvesant Player Pianola

Circa 1906  Model Style 200
One family owned from new in Richmond B.C. until purchased recently.


JR0806 Steck Player Piano

Steck Player piano, plays paper rolls, dual pump pedal action, c. 1900.

JR0728 Seeburg Nickelodeon oak cased, Eagle stained glass upper door Panel

This Seeburg model KT features  art glass depicting an eagle with a shield and J. P. Seeburg Piano Company manufacturer’s plates. With the likely original 1920’s Emerson motor this serial  was produced in 1920s and still works great. The stunning tiger oak case, Corinthian style pilasters, and applied corner accents are in shockingly great condition, and the piano, xylophone, and tambourine features work well. Measuring 48″ x 24″ x 62″, this piece of real American history, and one of the last two-door nickelodeons ever made, is in remarkable physical and function condition. Recently professionally tuned, this Seeburg has a G roll installed, but the data plate is stamped for A rolls; the track bar is set up for G rolls.

JR0477 Wurlitzer violin piano model Model AX

Wurlitzer AX Nickelodeon with 37 Violin Pipes and roll changer. Ca. 1925. Only one known to exist with art glass, originally had carved violin front motif. Mahogany case.. 63 X 59 1/2 X 32 inches.

Has 37 Violin pipes at rear plays APP rolls

“X” stands for automatic changer-containing 6-Five Tune rolls. Drums and cymbal cabinet on top have been added recently. This instrument was operating on a podium in the Plaza Cafe in Kingston Ontario during the 20’s and 30’s. It disappeared for many years after the building became a warehouse. In the 1970’s while repairing fire damage to the building, carpenters found this instrument sealed behind a wall.

JR0975 Edison Amberola 1A

The Amberola 1A was a deluxe Edison phonograph, the first to feature the inside-horn cabinet style pioneered by Victor. Priced at a whopping $200 in late 1909 (over $5,000 in today’s dollars), it was intended for the well-heeled buyer who would appreciate having a fine piece of furniture instead of a dust-collecting, intrusive horn in their parlor. Five hundred were made with a lyre-shaped grill as shown; later 1As and 1Bs had a rococco grill.

The 1A had a mechanism similar to the Edison Opera phonograph, with a moving mandrel and stationary reproducer, however it was a unique machine in that it plays both 2 and 4 minute cylinders. (The ‘M’ reproducer has a flip-over stylus to allow it to play both types of records without changing.) Metal parts have the same fancy oxydized treatment as the Edison Idelia. The cabinet has 4 drawers, each housing 25 cylinders. It is one of the most impressive Edison phonographs ever made, both in appearance and (most especially) sound quality. This Amberola is in amazing, totally original condition. It came from an estate in Nebraska almost 25 years ago.


A New Edison Phonograph – improved, enlarged – an Edison Phonograph converted into a most attractive piece of furniture, charmingly simple in design, with the horn removed from sight – built in as a part of the cabinet.

The new style reproducer, together with the aging of the wood, gives a full mellow tone far beyond anything heretofore possible in sound-reproducing instruments. Its life-like reproduction of all Edison Records, both Standard (two minute) and Amberol (four minute) carries the listener entirely away from the fact that it is a mechanical instrument. It has drawers in the lower part for 120 Records.


It comes in several finishes of Mahogany and Oak.

JR0971 Coin-operated jukebox, Mills, Do-Re-Mi 

Coin-operated jukebox, Mills, 5-10-25 Cent 12-selection Do-Re-Me, appears to be largely complete, orig “As Found” cond, c.1936, 53″H x 37″Wx 24″D.

Do-Re-Mi was produced by Mills Novelty Co. in 1935.

Mills Novelty Co. released 671 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1896.


 JR0961 “L Jacob Stuttgart” German made orchestrion

Coin operated Drum actuated player machine. Two Drums, symbols, triangle, classic German workmanship.

JR0482 Beckwith Reed Organ

Circa 1900
81”T x 53”W x 24”D. The organ has two beveled mirror cabinets and a working wood key cover. There is one center bevel mirror and a hidden sheet music cabinet underneath.

JR0699 Mills ‘Violano Virtuoso Piano’ Single Model 4003 & 4523

Circa 1928 Mahogany case In excellent working condition
64-1/2″T x 43″W x 31″D.
The Mills Violano is a beautiful works of art. Cabinet can be mahogany or oak. The Mills Violano Used rolls of perforated paper to play like a “player piano”. The Mills Violano can play music on the violin, piano, or both at the same time. A glass divider between the piano mechanism and the violin mechanism indicates an early Mills Violano model. Some Mills Violanos were made without the piano accompaniment. Most Mills Violano produced before 1912 contained only a violin, and those after 1912 had the addition of a 44 note piano. The violin/piano combination models are known as the “Violano-Virtuoso”. this Violano is original and in excellent condition for its age.

JR0399 Paillard Rosewood Cylinder Music Box on

An interchangeable cylinder musical box by Paillard of St. Croix, Switzerland circa 1890. The four nickel plated cylinders each play six tunes as indicated in the original manufacturers’ booklet. Supplied with original amboyna veneered table, detachable ebonized and turned legs. The case inlaid with boxwood stringing. The central cartouche, front and top, is inlaid with brass, mother of pearl, malachite and tulipwood. The unit is totally ‘ORIGINAL’ therefor the purist may want to restore the unit.

h. 11 in., w. 38 1/2 in., d. 14 3/4 in

JR0632 Harpe Harmonique Piccolo Swiss music box

19th Century

Harpe Harmonique Piccolo Music Box by Troll and Baker Large Example with Inlaid Case

Country: Switzerland
Period: 1860’s through 1890’s
Description: A Harpe Harmonique Piccolo Musical Box by Troll & Baker.

JR0634 Paillard ten-tune drum & bell Cylinder Music Box

Circa 1896
Paillard & Co. Orchestral Cylinder Ten Song Music Box circa 1890, double spring, four combs complete with 59 teeth, 21 lever organ section, drum with 8 lever, 6 engraved bells, castanet with 6 lever, shield form fast/slow indicator, 14 1/8″ cylinder, case part ebonized with mirror matched burl veneer, inlaid hardwoods and stringing, brass and mother of pearl, 31.5″W, 17.25″D, 13″H

JR0474 Hofbauer Harmonipan ‘monkey’ crank organ

Maple case on wheels
Contemporary roll operated organ. Beautiful hand-cranked organ with burl walnut case and inlaid flowers, musical instruments and its name “Harmonipan Hofbauer – Gottingen”. Brass corners and trim with exposed pipes in the front on a nice cart with large wheels. Plays 20-note multi-tune roll with beautiful sound. SIZE: Organ: 14″ w x 27″ h x 20″ d. With cart: 44″ w x 43″ h x 22″ d

JR0400 Reginaphone Style 240Metal Disc changer


H 40”, W 23”, D 20”

Edison’s invention of the phonograph pushed the manufacture of music boxes, the traditional instrument of the 19th century to the brink of extinction. Regina’s final master piece, into which it poured all its resources in the final days of music box production, was this instrument. Cooperative effort with American Gramaphone Co. produce an instrument that can serve both as a music box and a phonograph.

This instrument is of the highest quality and clearly reflects the changes occurring in its day. As there are only several of these instruments throughout the entire “world” confirmed to be still in existence, it is a very precious item.

JR0677 Edison Amberola, Model A, 101 Amberol rolls

Edison Amberola Model A #1382

JR0696 Edison Amberola Model 4229


Edison Amberola Model V cylinder phonograph

Music from the past Player Pianos and Orchestrions 2