Music from the Past
Back before I-Phones and Walkmans and even radios, there were many ways for people to listen to their favourite music!
Music from the Past
Music from the Past

Music from the past​ Player Pianos and Orchestrions

JR0486 Arthur Bursens “Arburo”Jazz/dance pipe organ

Circa 1930 made In Belgium Belgium dance hall orchestra

Built in the 1930’s by Arthur Brusens, one of Belgium’s three leading mechanical organ builders. It is basically the same as a Dutch Street Organ or a band organ used on Carousels in the U.S., except it is voiced more softly being intended for indoor use – plus the music is arranged in an orchestral manner.

Like a theatre organ it has great tonal versatility. It can sound like a military marching band, a jazz combo, a cathedral organ or a dance band – as the roll dictates. 

The organ section contains 170 pipes which simulate the sounds of a clarinet, flute, saxophone, viola, cello and others.

Music machines of this type are still being made in Belgium for use in dance halls, however they are now electronic in nature. 

Although made fro European use almost all rolls include popular American songs.

JR0478 Seeburg Nickelodeon, Model Style C 

5 cent orchestrope Seeburg electric upright grand

Electric oak cased grand  Nickelodeon

(Rolls not included)

Seeburg Player Piano Greyhound Dog Race Nickelodeon

Seeburg Greyhound Dog Race Nickelodeon . These were made in limited numbers due to the extra cost of the race track feature. It has become very desirable as an entertainment novelty. Dogs race in a circle and a winner is determined by the dog closest to the finish line when the music stops.

The Seeburg Dog Race or The Seeburg Greyhound player piano with dog race gambling mechanism. It is also known as a Seeburg Grayhound Nickelodeon. The Seeburg Piano Co. began producing these machines in 1928. It is believed that fewer than one dozen of these machines exist today. The beautiful cabinetry is made from quarter-sawn tiger oak.

JR0481 “Profit Sharing” Player Piano

COINOLA Electric pianos and orchestrions of this name are manufactured by the Operators Piano Co., Inc., of Chicago. This is a gambling machine.

Their instruments are coin controlled and they are thoroughly well made, musical and representative. For public places they are unsurpassed and they have won a foremost place among coin operated instruments. Factories at 715 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Operators Piano Company

Chicago, IL. Made many different models of coin pianos and orchestrions, circa 1909-late 1920s. Brand names included Victor (early) and Coinola; also Reproduco theatre and mortuary roll-operated piano/organs.

JR0487 Harvard Orchestrion Player Piano

Model 11039
Player Piano Orchestrion w/Leaded Stained Glass In Upper Panels, Includes Cymbal, Piano Roll, & Drums

JR0490 Stafford Nickelodeon Player Piano

Year 1928
STAFFORD CO. AND LAFFARGUE PIANO CO. MAHOGANY NICKELODEON, 1928, H 57″, W 64″, D 29″:The front has a stained glass window, revealing the music roll inside, flanked on each side by a pair of caramel glass lamps; the bottom having a stained glass window revealing a drum and accordion, raised on griffin-form supports.

JR0491 Regina Mandolin Orchestra

Regina Sublima Coin-operated Nickelodeon Floor Model Oak Music Box with chain driven operated mechanism. Oak Case with paneled cupboard. Comes with extra music rolls. Working condition, playing beautifully in hall, no guarantees after moving. cleaning and servicing recommended.
Size: 64″H x 37-3/4″W x 20-1/4″ D

JR0686 Gem roller organ

Circa 1870
circa late 19th century, stained wood hand crank operated roller organs – cobb rolls. The larger Gem has stencil decorated top and sides and retains paper direction label on underside; the smaller Harmonette also has stencil decorated sides and retains paper label. It’s in original condition.

JR0677 Edison Amberola, Model A, 101 Amberol rolls

Edison Amberola Model A #1382

JR0696 Edison Amberola Model 4229


Edison Amberola Model V cylinder phonograph

JR0493 Regina Metal disc (auto Changer) Music  Box with 8 discs


Oak Regina orchestral 27″ automatic changer upright disc music box. A superb music box. Excellent condition. Mechanism restored. Case appears original. Plays superbly and operates correctly. 

JR0653 Jacot Music Box Mira Disc Player

1 disc

Model 77
Oak Jacot Mira Music Box, No. 197, 18″ diameter for the discs, 29″ long ,by 22 inches wide by 14″ tall, double comb, mint condition, 1890s era.stand not included

JR0660 Edison Metal Disc Music Box Model A100

Edison Floor Model A100 Cabinet Phonograph. Edison upright floor model phonograph has a mahogany cabinet with pierced carved speaker cover, open lower tier, long legs and hinged lid with gold Edison decal underneath. 12 in. spring driven turn table with crank on the right side of the case, in good working condition, signed on a metal tag “Edison Disc Phonograph”, model A-100, 42 in. high x 18.25 in. wide x 21.25 in. deep.

JR0661 Regina Metal disc Music Box

Changer with 12 discs
Model 453
Regina Corona Model 35 Antique music box disc changer, mahogany case, serial #50661, manufactured circa 1899-1910, original finish, curved glass door ,coin disp.  excellent condition.

JR0730  Regina Metal Disc Music box

Circa 1900       1 DISC INCLUDED

Plays 15 – 1/2″ metal  disc. Lot includes one disc.  . . Plays well.
Size: 22″ x 20″.

Music from the past​ Player Pianos and Orchestrions

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