Music from the Past
Back before I-Phones and Walkmans and even radios, there were many ways for people to listen to their favourite music!
Music from the Past
Music from the Past

Music of the past Radios

JR0651 Canadian Westinghouse Console Radio, Model 1015

45 x 20 x 12 inch

JR0655 RCA floor console Radio Majic voice Model 10K-1

27 x 41 x 14.75 inch

JR0868 Philco Radio with case Circa 1940 Salesmans’ model

JR0186 Westinghouse Radiola III black Bakelite 8” wide

8” x 6.5” x 5”. 1924 Westinghouse “Radiola III” Regenerative Receiver. Complete radio receiver includes 2 pairs of C. Brandes Inc. “Superior” Head Phones. 

The Radiola III is a battery-powered regenerative type receiver, using two type WD-11 tubes. One tube acts as the detector, the other as an audio amplifier. It receives frequencies from 470-1540 kilohertz, approximately the same as our modern standard broadcast band.

This is a small radio. Its cabinet is almost cube-shaped, measuring about 8 inches wide, 7 inches deep, and 7 inches high (including the height of the tubes). The thick cloth cable coiled to the left contains the battery wires.

JR0245 Philmore Radio

The Philmore Galena Crystal Radio was made in the 1940’s to 50’s; in USA, by the Philmore Manufacturing Company Pioneers in electronics since 1921 in Richmond Hill, New York. It has a coiled phosphorous cats whisker that adjusts easily on the Germanium mounted Galena crystal; and has a glass dome cover so that it stays where it is set. Crystal radios costs nothing to operate, gives constant service indefinitely, with clear reception and no static. There are also no battery needed, and no electricity needed. With a 150 foot to 200 foot long antenna it can have up to 300 miles receiving range. This Philmore Galena Crystal Radio receives 4 radio stations.

JR0625 Atwater Kent “Breadboard’ Radio 4700

detector & two stage audio.  MODEL 10C 4700; length: 29 1/2 inches

Atwater Kent Mfg. Co.; Philadelphia, USA

JR0587 Heathkit AM Radio, metal case Model AJ53

Super-Heterodyne ZF/IF 455 kHz
Tuned circuits 6 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast only (MW).
Details: Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110 Volt

13.4 x 5.9 x 7.1 inch

JR0606 General Electric Radio Red bakelite

JR0581 DeForest-Crosley Trirdyn

Special battery radio 
“Three tubes do the work of five”

mahogany case bracket feet circa 1925

JR0508 Jackson transistor radio yellow

2.75 x 4.5 x 1.5 inch

Jackson Solid State Radio 600;
Wrist strap, earphones jack. Very common design.
Year 1965


Windsor Microphone Radio

Model MR-7  MICROPHONE RADIO  AM/FM  lights up when in use. look perfect.                                     

Size: 9 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches

JR0195 Philco Radiothomastttttt

JR0536 Thomas Mantel clock radio Cassette Player blue,
Model TPC109

Thomas Museum Series Clock Radio Cassette Player. 20th Century Radio Receiver with Blue Mirrored Facade and 1950’s Insipired Dials and Knobs,

JR0295 Fleetwood Transistor World Globe Radio

 Battery-operated, plastic globe embossed shell, dial on top, radio designations on reverse side works well. 8 1/2″ h.

JR0827 Die cast 1931 Rolls Royce Radio model [Same one in the Model Car section]            built in Japan 1972. NEW CONDITION

10″ x 3 1/2″ Made in Japan AM Radio Transmitter

JR0190 Zenith AM/FM radio Model G730

Zenith made a number of quality AM/ FM radios in the late 40’s and early 50’s, and here’s an excellent example of their 1950 Model G730 wood cabinet set. Radio has held up remarkably well over the past 68 years, and is working fine, receiving both AM and FM broadcasts. It has a handsome wood cabinet, gold woven grille cloth, and four control knobs. The larger left hand knob is for Tuning, and nested inside is the AM/FM Band Switch. The large right hand knob is a Tone control, and nested inside that is the Volume / On/Off switch. The large lower slide rule dial is easy to read with clear AM and FM frequency calibrations. There’s a phono jack and switch on the rear panel that allows the radio’s circuitry and speaker to be used to amplify an old phonograph.

JR0515 RCA AM/FM radio Blue Bakelite

JR0513 Sylvania Clock Radio

Black And Gold Toned Metal Design, measures  approximately 10.25 inches long x 6.25  inches wide x 7.75 inches tall. Vintage Clock Radio.

JR0597 Marconi radio, Canadian, Model 79

21 ” x 10 ” x 11 “
Manufacturer: Canadian Marconi Company, Montreal
The striking features of this radio are its beautiful reverse-lit glass dial with covering convex glass lens and its rounded-off edges all around. Shortwave station finding is made easy by a gear-reducing fine-tuning knob.

JR0514 General Electric Clock Radio

 AM clock radio. with cloth speaker grill.
Measures 11″ wide by 6″ tall by 6″ deep.

JR0517 RCA Short wave AM/FM radio, Wooden case

Model M-45A

Vintage Firestone Model 363-S-7402-6 Ac/Dc Battery Radio Picnic Roamer Art Deco

This is a Firestone Tri-Play Picnic Roamer Radio, model 363-S-7402-6 that can run on either battery, AC or DC power.

JR0627 RCA Victor “Tombstone” radio Superette, Model R-8

13 x 18.5 x 10 inch
Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 175 kHz
Details:  Power type and voltage     Alternating Current supply (AC) / 105-125 Volt
 Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil)
Power out     2.5 W (unknown quality)
from     Model: Superette R8 – RCA RCA Victor Co. Inc.; New
Material     Wooden case

JR0620 Sanyo Firestone roamer triplay radio

JR0635 Hazelton Corp Miniature Grand Piano Radio, Bakelite case.

An antique Bakelite encased RCA and Hazeltine Corp. novelty AM radio in the form of a Grand Piano. Referred to as the “Lester” piano radio amongst collectors, this radio dates from early 1950’s. Measures approx. 6 1/2″ H x 10 1/2″ W x 10 3/4″ D.

JR0516 Brand and Millen radio Wooden case
Model DR102U

JR0570 Thomas ‘Collectors Edition” Radio cassette

Decorative upright radio with wooden cabinet, AM/FM tuner, and cassette player. Thomas America Series Radio MJ635141. Circa 1989. (Good). 8″ W. x 9-1/2″ L. x 13″ T.

Music of the past Radios