A vast array of Jukeboxes, Player pianos and other music players from the past.

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JR0410- Wurlitzer Symplex Jukebox Model 716

Year 1937
52” x 32” x 22” at approximately 250-300lbs. It plays 78 rpm records with 16 selections.

JR0418- Wurlitzer Symplex Jukebox Model 700C

Year 1940
56” x 32” x 25” Paul Fuller design. 9,498 units sold. The Wurlitzer 700 was an economy model. Runs on 5¢, 10¢, 25¢


JR0666 Seeburg Jukebox, Model SR222

Year 1959
55”x32.5”x28”, 330lbs
Always the innovator, Seeburg introduced this Model 222 in October of 1958 as the first true stereo jukebox in the world.
Seeburg engineers worked closely with those at Pickering, and one would assume also with those at Audio Fidelity, to create this unique mechanical marvel.  It has a “Channel 1 Channel 2” High Fidelity amplifier that combines tubes and transistors.  Plays 160 Selections, 80 45 Records


JR0659 Seeburg “Happy Days” Jukebox, Model 100C [SOLD]

100-select 45 rpm with rotation of lighted animation shown. This jukebox was used on the television show ‘Happy Days’.


Elmer – Wurlitzer Multiselector Jukebox, Model 780

Year 1941
Also called the Wagon Wheel, advertised as, “styled to harmonize with the finest furnishings.” The Wurlitzer 780 is a 24 Selection Jukebox that plays 78 rpm records and includes a full set of records. Simply press your selection and watch the jukebox pick the record up and move it to the turntable and play.

Jukeboxes page 3