A vast array of Jukeboxes, Player pianos and other music players from the past.

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JR0978 Wurlitzer Stroller remote control jukebox, Model 140

JR0972 Mills jukebox

Mills “Throne of Music” Jukebox c1939, complete

JR0956 Wurlitzer jukebox Date 1946-47

59 ½ high x 33” wide
A coin operated Wurlitzer jukebox Model 820 circa 1990. Having a dome top, chrome sides and bubble tubes. Ht: 61″ Wd: 32.5″ Dpth: 24.5″

JR0419 Wurlitzer Music Mite


The Music Mite weighs almost 60 pounds. Dimensions are 15″ wide x 15″ deep x 22″ tall. It plays 45 rpm records and has 10 selections.

JR0550 Bing Crosby Junior Jukebox

Circa 1948. 15”x13”x16”
Funky 1940s kid’s record player. Tin body with colourful lithographed graphics in amazing condition for their age. There is no needle so I wasn’t able to test whether or not it works, but it lights up, the turntable spins, and the speakers hum. Needle arm appears to be made of brown Bakelite

JR0953 Seeburg Jukebox Model 160S22

Beautiful SEEBURG Q160 (160 SONG SELECTION) with visible mechanism when playing records.This jukebox plays 45 rpm records

JR0596 Ristaucrat Countertop Jukebox Circa 1950

Model 45 Ristaucrat, Inc. released 12 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1931.

Jukeboxes page 5