A vast array of Jukeboxes, Player pianos and other music players from the past.

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JR0668 Rock-Ola Jukebox Model 1422 

Year 1946A Rock-Ola jukebox Series F, Model 1422, consisting of an Art Deco waterfall form consisting of a wood grained veneer case with ribbed amber plastic panels on the corners and across the crest, with colorful rotating cylinders behind the side panels. The grill has a carved wood center with chromed sides over colorful glass panels lit by incandescent bulbs. Housing a disc changer and movement with vacuum tubes and appropriate wiring. The reverse with original metal manufacturing plaque and serial number 90754. Plays twenty selections and accepts 5/10/25 cents. Circa 1946. MEASUREMENTS: 29″ x 27″ x 61″ high.


JR0670 Seeburg Jukebox Model KD200

Year 1957 147x91x70 cm
It plays 100 7″ records at 45 RPM, totalling for up to 200 different selections. So if you have a vinyl collection tucked away somewhere safe, it could be time to dust off those wonderful old records and get them loaded up into this beautiful jukebox. Seeburg continued the trend of going for bold and different new designs, giving the KD200 a more angular cabinet than the softer, rounder appearing jukeboxes available elsewhere on the market.

JR0673 Wurlitzer Jukebox Model 750

Circa 1941
Coin-operated jukebox, Wurlitzer Model 750, c.1941, designed by Paul Fuller, beautiful multi-toned wood-grained veneer w/arched top, amber colored plastics w/nickel-plated filigree trim, door has 2 bubbler tubes & coin slides for 5, 10 & 25 Cents, 24 selections, has coin mech & grinder, upper right plastic shows crack, machine appears complete & plays.

JR0676 Wurlitzer ‘Colonial’ Jukebox

Circa 1947
Coin-operated jukebox, Wurlitzer Model 800, Very Rare 24 selection machine designed by Paul Fuller, arched top & bubble tubes w/zebra-type effect, plays 78’s, c.1941
60″H x 38″W x 29″D.

JR0948 Antique Apparatus tabletop Jukebox Model 91

Countertop Antique Apparatus Compact Disc Mini Jukebox

Rockola Antique Apparatus Tabletop wurlitzer reproduction 100CD Jukebox with a Visable mech. You use your own speakers. The Rockola selector wall is attached to the R91 , you select which cd and song through the wall box which has the full labels, you eliminate the need to use a reference cd song book. The wall box is stunning. Really lights up the room with beautiful colors.
Badge with “Rowe AMI” and “AA” (for Antique Apparatus)

JR0695 Wurlitzer Tabletop Jukebox Model 61

This phonograph jukebox offers 12 selections on 78 RPM records. Circa 1938. Size Jukebox: 23″ x 22″ x 18″ Table model Jukebox has beautiful 2 tone wood grain, red plastic at the top front corners, chromed straps around the sides and chromed grill over the speaker. The multi selector plays any of the 12 tunes, metal tag on the back with model number 6

JR0970 Wurlitzer jukebox Model 500A

Wurlitzer Model 500 Jukebox – 1938. Beautiful wood grained case with deep yellow plastic inserts in the corners and red plastic at the crest and on either side of the pierced nickel colored grill; model 500 was one of the first to introduce the rotating colored cylinders along with the keyboard style selector. Plays from 24 selections, accepts nickels, dimes & quarters. Signed on a metal tag on the back with model number 500 and matching serial number 660902. 58 in. high x 36 in. wide x 28 in. wide.

Jukeboxes page 4