A vast array of Jukeboxes, Player pianos and other music players from the past.

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JR0427 Packard Jukebox Model 7
Year 1947

The Packard Pla-Mor Model 7 jukebox was one of only two models of jukeboxes manufactured by the Packard Company shortly after the conclusion of WW2. Professionally restored and complete including the coin operation mechanism. With keys. Measures 61″ x 34 1/2″ x 21″

JR0657 Antique Apparatus Jukebox Model RB-8

Year 1940s
A remake of the iconic Bubbler jukeboxes of the 1940s, showing rich maple veneer to the sides with a light wood, tiger stripe veneer to the front, bubbler tubes, and mirrored tiles. Circa 1990s with a clean interior. Includes three keys and an assortment of 45 RPM records inside. Dimensions: 30″W x 58″T x 24″D

JR0698 Wurlitzer ‘Peacock’ glass Jukebox circa 1941
Model 850

68”x38”x26”Playing twenty four 78rpm discs, with central panel decorated with a peacock which changes colour through a rotating colour spectrum foil mounted behind the panel, flanked by two bubble panels and with original veneer  


JR0700 Wurlitzer jukebox
Model 42 Victory

Year 1942-45 66”x36”x26” 24 selections, 5/10/25 cent play. Full set of 78 RPM records. Complete with coin.


JR0725  Wurlitzer 24 Turn Jukebox, Model 1100 
[2 in total]

Wurlitzer 24 Selection Model 1100 Jukebox c1948, plays 45 RPM records. Domed walnut case with flared chrome base grille and illuminated perspex columns. Measures – 58 1/2″ High x 31″ wide x 26″ deep.    

JR0731 Wurlitzer Jukebox “Colonial”
Year 1947

35”x59”24” One of Wurlitzer’s follow-up designs after the success of the “Bubbler” model. Beautifully designed in an elegant violin shape, it played 78 rpm records. Very rare machine even by standards then with less than 8,000 originally produced. Appears almost entirely original, otherwise very nice restored working condition with clean and tidy internal components. Wood cabinet also appears to be in EXCELLENT CONDITION.

Rock-Ola + Chicago Band-box Set

JR0738 Rock-Ola Jukebox “Commando”

Year 1942 84”x33”x28” designed by David C Rock Ola, complete with “dial a tune” selector from twenty discs, the case decorated with various wood veneeres and illuminated cataline panels with speaker bowl at the top with revolving lights




Chicago coin’s band-box model 52-100,

Year 1950 30″ x 48″ x 24″

“The world’s smallest band.” a remote, wall-mount accessory speaker unit for a juke box. When the attached juke box is played, the band box lights go on, curtain opens & 7 musicians move as if they are playing to the music. A trade stimulator designed to increase juke play, this is the 1st model made of this hard-to-find machine, c. 1950. Minor restorations to electrical components improve safety, mechanics & musicians are all original.   



JR0973 Seeburg Jukebox Model M100B 

Model M-100B offers 100 selections on 45 rpm records with a curved glass front. Beautiful wood cabinet shows a few scratches. Circa 1950. Condition (Very Good). Size 34″ x 26″ x 53″

JR0974 Wurlitzer jukebox, Model 800

Coin-operated jukebox, Wurlitzer Model 800, Very Rare 24 selection machine designed by Paul Fuller, arched top & bubble tubes w/zebra-type effect, plays 78’s, c.1941 60″H x 38″W x 29″D.

JR0810 Wurlitzer Multiselector Jukebox Model 1015

Year 1947. 24″W. x 34″L. x 59″T. This model 1015 accepts 5¢, 10¢, and 25¢ and offers 24 song selections. This iconic machine has a wooden cabinet and curved light facade synonymous with classic jukeboxes. Plastic has been replaced. Jukebox is complete with coin mechanism and cash box. 


JR0962- Wurlitzer jukebox

Model 1050 294N

Selections : 100
Speed : 45 rpm

American, ca 1973. A Wurlitzer, Model 1050, jukebox, housed in a wood case with chrome details, with a display of lights in an array of colors, trimmed with frosted plastic panels, with a red, yellow, and blue cathedral façade, a 45 rpm player that accepts 5 to 25 cents, restored in full , set for free play to  music, ht. 61, wd. 36.5, dp. 29. in.

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