A vast array of Jukeboxes, Player pianos and other music players from the past.

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JR0398 AMI Continental 2 Jukebox Model XJDB200

Year 1962
The unusual case has a gray laminate slanted top with domical clear glass lid exposing the playing mechanism under an upper curved banner display listing the songs, playing both sides A & B of each of the 45 rpm records; the records are filed in a rotating cylindrical rack in the back of the case, has red selector push buttons lettered A-K and 1-20 over the light-up display banner which reads AMI – Continental 2. The case is decorated with aluminum and chromed trim and speaker cover. Signed on a metal tag on the back with model number XJCB-200 and serial number 643106. 64 in. high x 30 in. wide x 26 in. deep.

JR0977 Wurlitzer jukebox Model 616A

This 1937 jukebox accepts nickels, dimes, and quarters. It was produced by Wurlitzer in 1937 and features a lovely Art Deco style wooden cabinet. Showing only light wear to the exterior. Serial number 202433. Without keys.
Dimensions: 24″D x 32″W x 52″T.

JR0404 Wurlitzer Multiselector Jukebox Model 51

52” x 32” x 22” at approximately 250-300lbs
It plays 78 rpm records with 16 selections.

JR0408  Antique Apparatus Jukebox Circa 1990
Model Gazelle GB4

Antique Apparatus did a stunning job re-creating the elegant Gazelle cabinet own to the ornate wood carvings and etched glass. Each Gazelle Jukebox is built by hand and made to order. 4 real working bubble tubes

JR0415 Wurlitzer Symplex Jukebox Model 24C

Year 1937
52” x 31” x 25”
24 select Jukebox that plays 78’s. Also, the first Jukebox designed by the famous Paul Fuller of Wurlitzer. The Wurlitzer Model 24 was introduced in 1937. It was the first Wurlitzer model to offer 24 selections instead of 12, an innovation that shook the industry where “12 is enough” had been a maxim. This was also the first jukebox to incorporate illuminated plastics into its design. The company’s evolution from heavy wooden cabinets to a bright and modern deco style helped to established Wurlitzer’s pre-eminence in the coin-operated phonograph industry.

JR0418 Wurlitzer Symplex Jukebox Model 700C

Year 194056” x 32” x 25”
Paul Fuller design. 9,498 units sold. The Wurlitzer 700 was an economy model. Runs on 5¢, 10¢, 25¢

JR0424 Wurlitzer Multiselector Jukebox Model 780

Year 1941Also called the Wagon Wheel, advertised as, “styled to harmonize with the finest furnishings.” The Wurlitzer 780 is a 24 Selection Jukebox that plays 78 rpm records and includes a full set of records. Simply press your selection and watch the jukebox pick the record up and move it to the turntable and play.

JR0678 Seeburg Jukebox Model VL200D

Year 1955
Plays 45 RPM records. Holds 100 records for 200 selections.
One of the Flashiest Jukeboxes of All Time. The Seeburg V-200 was a Landmark in Jukebox History. The First to Feature Electronic Memory and First to Incorporate Dual Pricing. First to Feature Hi-Fidelity Sound

JR0971 Mills Auto Jukebox

Coin-operated jukebox, Mills, 5-10-25 Cent 12-selection Do-Re-Me, appears to be largely complete, orig “As Found” cond, c.1936, 53″H x 37″W x 24″D.

JR0502 Seeburg directional stereo

Wallmount speakers Quantity of 2 SEEBURG DS 160 EAR Speakers Very rare additional speakers mounted on jukebox head unit.