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From the Parlour Phones

JR0524 Brass candlestick telephone

This candlestick telephone is made of solid brass and is the most traditional looking. It is best suited in old Victorian houses with lots of brass fittings. 



Nice chrome pay phone from an old telephone booth. Automatic Electric Co. Northlake, Ill. Has original labels, can be hard wired into the wall or rewired for plug in. Set up for non-paying calls.

JR0255  Dial telephone

Old Rotary Dial Telephone Black metal rotary phone.

The 1940’s style rotary dial phone molded with a bakelite handle and a black painted metal case. H: 5 3/4 in. x w: 9 in.



Its earpiece is at the end of an extendable (bakelite, probably) handle, about 10″ long when collapsed and 16″ when fully extended. Its cloth covered cord is still in perfect condition, with a right angle 1/4″ phone plug (by SWITCHCRAFT) on its end.

JR0476 The Original Kit-Cat Clock – Classic Black

For 80 years, the original Kit-Cat Klock has hung in homes of families around the world. Perched on the wall, Kit-Cat swings his tail and rolls his eyes as time ticks by. The classic design hasn’t changed much since the 1950s, making the Kit-Cat Clock part of pop culture history!

Dimensions: Approx. 15″ tall.
Packaging: Sturdy cardboard box with Kit-Cat artwork.
Materials: Plastic
Made in U.S.A.
Battery operated (2 “C” size batteries – not included)

JR0293 Red painted wooden British style telephone booth countertop telephone

MINIATURE LONDON TELEPHONE BOOTH TELEPHONE, H 15″, W 8 1/2″: Painted red wood cabinet in the form of a London telephone booth, door opens to a black telephone.


JR0631 Black Bakelite telephone wall mounted crank

Circa 1930
Three metal contacts. Two brass bells, Bakelite handset receiver.
An early 20th century crank telephone, manufactured with a large wooden cabinet. Receiver mounted on metal hook. Metal crank.

From the Parlour, Phones

JR0360 Mickey Mouse Phone Telemania

Rings with 5 custom phrases said in Mickey’s original voice
Mickey’s arm and head move when the phone rings
Switchable ringer (normal or phrases)
Last number redial
Tone/pulse switchable and FCC and ETL approved


JR0687 Oak cased telephone

American crank wall telephone, early 20th c., with oak case, dual brass bells, cast iron and brass speaker, over note shelf/ ledge, receiver present.

approx 26″h, 8.25″w, 11.75″d

JR0289 Bell System Public Telephone Dome

From the Parlour Phones