From the Parlour
All sort of items found around the house, but often in the "Parlour"
From the Parlour
Lamps, Furniture, Projectors
From the Parlour
From the Parlour

From the Parlour

JR0205 Ciba Lighter

JR0204 Femrich Conrete Promotional Lighter

JR0206 Belvedere  Lighter

JR0208 Belvedere Lighter

JR0211 Belvedere 


JR0210 Wind Master Belvedere

JR0212 Suits of cars Belvedere 

JR0558 Victorian mahogany stereographoscope with approx. 64 cards

Antique Wooden Stereo-Graphoscope
Circa 1900

JR0556 Salesmans’ sample with carrying case—flip clock advertising 

Amazing looking neon advertising clock with original Ad Cards that flip down every 5 seconds (12 times per minute) Clock is 24″ wide x 12″ tall x 7″ deep


JR0277 Miniature Brass spittoon

Vintage Miniature Brass Spittoon, 2″H

JR0241 Brass vase

JR0241  Brass vase

Sun Records Nashville, two hats and Jacket

Two jackets availabe

JR0406 “Unik” framed mirror


Mahogony windshield frame of a 1912 Unic with a mirror sat in beautiful condition and appearance woodwork.


JR0571 Brass plant mister

Vintage 1940’s old antique brass atomizer
8.75″ x 3.25″ x 4.75″

JR0221 RecordDisc cleaner kit

JR0221 Record/Disc cleaner kit

JR0276 5 cent Metal Piggybank

JR0976 Brass Bird Cage 2 singing birds

JR0976 Brass Bird Cage 2 singing birds

French Wind-Up Automaton w/2 Animated Singing Birds in Brass Cage  20″H x 11″W

JR0639 Musical Bird in cage

French manufactured Brass cage with gilt wood base; feather bird; mechanical; H-11 1/2″

JR0950 Antique bubble domed glass framed antique picture

JR0950 Antique bubble domed glass framed antique picture

This antique bubble glass has a convex glass and portrait of an old lady and her husband
circa 1930-1940

JR0951 Antique bubble domed glass framed antique picture

JR0951 Antique bubble domed glass framed antique picture

This antique bubble glass has a convex glass and portrait of an old man and his wife.
circa 1930-1940

JR0718 Arsitocrat Gillette Gold Plated adjustable razor, Limited Edition Model 1800

Gillette Aristocrat safety razor in case, gold tone, with blades, case measures 2 1/2″ x 8″ x 1 3/8″

Can of Nevr-Dull Polishing Compound

Can of “Nevr-Dull” Polishing Compound

The Original Magic Wadding Polish “Labour Saving”

JR0599 Wilkinson Sword Commemorative “HRH Prince Charles & Princess Diana” wedding

A Wilkinson Royal Wedding sword to commemorate the wedding of H.R.H. Prince Charles and Lady Diana, limited edition, with straight double edged blade, length approx 81cm, cast silver plated hilt incorporating rose, thistle, shamrock and leek, with applied enamelled arms to guard and pommel, wire bound grip with its silver bullion knot, certificate of authenticity, etc.

JR0600 Commemorative RCMP Sword

JR0702 Antique China cabinet with curved leaded glass upper windows and door.

Oak Leaded Glass China Cabinet. Carved scrolling crest with flowers, leaves and shell carving, upper section has curved leaded glass panels with a door in the center that has griffin heads on either side; the round columns are set away from the cabinet with acanthus carved capitals and acanthus carvings in the middle; cabinet is held up by claw feet. Dimensions: 72 in. high x 46 in. wide x 18 in. deep.

JR0689 Holcome & Hoke Butterkist Popcorn machine

Popcorn/peanut vending machine; 82″ x 35″ x 26″.

A rich mahogany case sets off the elaborate nickel plating on this near-perfectly restored Homcomb & Hoke popcorn machine. Exact year cannot be determined as manufacturers did not use serial numbers. The plant was built in 1914 and is still in use today. The machine dates probably to sometime in the 1920’s. This particular machine is a wonderful size and boasted to increase your profits up to $3120 yearly. Machine is in working order and will provide hours of fun and entertainment to the new owner. Glass panels in spinning light atop machine are reproduction that only add to the look of this rare example.

JR0642 Standing chrome ashtray & lighter

Ornate Art Deco Smoking Stand w/ Electric Mico Cigar Lighter

JR0640  Director Megaphone

JR0621 Black ceramic black panther TV top lamp

1950’s Vintage Mid Century Modern Black Panther TV Lamp Ceramic 21″ Eyes Light


JR0308 Fireplace brush

Vintage Ship Nautical Fireplace Tool Brush Brass Copper

Mutoscope Viewer Lighted Marquee Top Sign.

This decorative cast iron marquee with copper colored accents is often seen on the Clamshell type Mutoscope machines. Currently showing a poster for “Chicago Street Girls” with an image of a nude woman. Advertising poster is behind a sheet of plastic. No flaws to note. Condition: (Excellent). Dimensions: 30″T. x 16-3/4″W.

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