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The tools and equipment used in the golden age
From Grandpa's Shed
From Grandpa's Shed

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JR0300 Antique Butler blow torch (1940 – 1949)

Approx 5 7/8″ in diameter.

Description: Gasoline torch from Canadian manufacturer Butler Metal Limited. This torch was mainly used to melt the lead during the welding of the cast iron pipes.
Dimensions: Diameter: 5 ½ in.
Height: 10 ½ in.

JR0312 Vintage Lenk MFG Co. Gasoline Blow Torch

1920′ S GASOLINE BLOW TORCH approx 12″ tall

A vintage brass gasoline blow torch was produced by the Lenk MFG Company of Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts. It sports a red painted handle and the Lenk MFG Company Decal on the right side.

JR0594 Well hand pump, red cast iron

Nevr Dull Wadding Polish

Great advertising piece for cleaning and polishing. Marketed as ‘The New Wonder Polish for all Metals’. Bright text and images in red, blue, and white can.

Manufactured by The George Busch Co in Freeport, NY.

JR0528  Sanoper Sand Soap

For scrubbing Fleers, Tables, Stairs, or any kind of wood work. it cannot be equalled. 

Directions – use on scrubbing brush as ordinary soap. Do not put the Soap in the water.

From Cobden Street, Manchester

JR0630 GSW Hot Blast Heater

Vintage “Hot Blast Heater” kerosene parlor stove made by GSW (General Sheet Metal Works), Windsor, Ontario, in the 1960s. Approx 19″ tall and 8″ wide. As is. Decorative rather than functional.

JR0562  Valor standing stove, black painted, kerosene oil heater

13″ x 13″ x 22″ T

Vintage Valor 525T Kerosene Heater

Made in England


Assorted Insulators, sold as a set

JR0548 2 Hydro pole insulators

Glass insulators were first produced in the 1850’s for use with telegraph lines. As technology developed insulators were needed for telephone lines-electric power lines an other applications.

Today there are over 3,000 insulator collectors.

JR0890 Massey Harris single cylinder Engine

Massey -Harris Model R14 2HP Stationary Engine

R-20 model, 3hp engine by Massey Harris,  not a hit & miss – fires every time, appears to be original condition.

JR0891 Fairbanks Morse 24-volt generator


JR0812 Fairbanks Morse ‘Z’ engine 2 hp

c. 1926, cast iron, considered a custom production for the Fairbanks dealers, well molded, painted in green, red side flywheels, embossed “Z” on side.   4″ long

JR0291 Tip Top camping stove

JR0273 German Lantern “Wolf’s Lamp”

This is a safety lamp manufactured by the Wolf Safety Lamp Company of America in the early 20th century. This lamp is one of the most popular Wolf designs, employing a glass enclosure, wire gauze on the top-interior, and a metal bonnet exterior to protect the flame. The “permissible” engraved on the lamp means the lamp was approved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines, and the lines on the glass portion suggest the lamp was used to judge methane levels. A plaque on the bottom reads: Wolf Safety lamp Co. of America, Inc. New York, USA. There is a plaque on the bottom of the lamp that reads: Mine Safety Appliance Co., Pittsburgh, USA.

Locomotive Bell

Large & Heavy Antique Locomotive Brass Bell.


Suitable for use with most John Deere utility vehicles equipped with a 4.76 cm (1-7/8 inch) ball hitch including Gator models TX TX Turf TH 6×4 TH 6×4 Diesel all HPX 4×4 models and all XUV models
453.60 kg (1 000 lb.) load limit Dump angle of 35/40 degrees Spring-loaded dump latch for easy dumping and positive lock to prevent accidental unlocking when being towed



JR0924 Fields Diamond Edge Tool sign

Vintage DIAMOND EDGE TOOLS tin sign 11″ x 25″ for Fields, Heath & Heath Hardware, Jacksonville, Texas.

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