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Classic Coca Cola serving tray

10″ x 14″ 
1927 Calendar Girl
This young lady, typical of the era, is a reproduction of the illustration form the 1927 calendar. As early as 1891, The Coca-Cola Company produced a calendar a year every year since that date. Most of the calendars portrayed wholesome pretty girl, tastefully posed and dressed in the style of the period. Many of the models and artists were anonymous and this was so during the period 1920 to 1930. The 1927 Calendar Girl is a fine example of the art of that period.

JR0330  “Coca Cola” popcorn tin

11″ Tall

Soda Shop Clock

Coke BRASS Bottle Opener


KC MAFCA 2000 Model A Ford National Convention

2nd Model A Ford Club of America Joint Meet 1994 Pacific Northwest mugs

set of 2

Beige Car Mug

single mug

Beige Car Mug

single mug

Pacific Model A Club glass mugs

Set o 6

Early Ford V8 Club of America Glasses

Set of 8 one sloghtly faded

Early Ford V8 CLub Mugs

Western National Meet 1994
set of two mugs

1930 Deluxe Model A Ford Mugs

set of 8

Ford Model A Mug


single mug

Ford Model A Mug

Yellow Coupe
single mug

20th MAFCA Convention “A” Reno Date in 98′

Wine Glass
set of 2


2006 Western National Meet Early Ford V8 Club

Wine Glass
set of 3

Model A Days with McKenzie A’s NW Regional

July 13-16 1999

Vintage Ford Heaven in 97

Western National Meet
June 23-27 California

Candy Jar

Safer’s The Pantry Pest Trap

Nevelty Popcorn Popper

Nevada Centennial Miniature cast iron stove — Salesman model

Kitchen Tins sold as a set

Vintage Kitchen Tin

Vintage Kitchen Tin

Vintage metal Kitchen tin container

JR0375 Milky Way Gift Tin

“A Milky Way a Day, Helps You Work, Rest & Play”

This tin is a great piece of advertising memorabilia for the Mars Company. It has a lot of great graphics all the way around the green tin in blue, white, brown and green.

It measures 6 1/4″ tall x 5 1/4″ in diameter.

The front and back have the same graphics that you see in the picture.

JR0375 Coke Gift Tin

JR0314 Ritz cracker tin Special Edition

1990 Christie’s Limited-Edition Ritz Crackers Tin – Nabisco Brands
Height: Approx. 9″
Width: Approx. 4 1/4″
Weight: 221g

JR0223 Daisy Churn No. 20 Butter Churn

Measures 14 x 6 x 6 inches

Dazey Butter Churn. Wooden Paddle and Wooden Hand Crank.

Vintage Blow Glass Butter Churn 

Made in England, 6 Imperial Quarts


Diner Piggy Bank

This is a picture frame will hold 5 Pictures from left to right

Ceramic Beer Steins—made in europe

JR0557 Assorted tins

JR0542 Assorted tins

JR0542 Assorted tins

JR0542 Assorted tins

JR0539 Assorted apothecary bottles

(Right) Vintage Small Brown Glass Lysol Bottle 4″ tall

(Left) Thomas Edison Battery Oil Bottle – Excellent Shape


Chemical glass bottles stated as

Calcium Hydroxide
Potassium Hydroxide
Barium Chloride

JR0227 Kan Koin Play E-Z Pickin

JR0227 Kan Koin “Play E-Z Pickin”

JR0250 Jet Fuel red ice pail

JR0250 “Jet Fuel” red ice pail

JR0226 Campbell soup bowl

Vintage Campbell’s Soup Bowl

This was from a promotion wherein the bowls were obtained by sending in soup labels to Campbell’s, which called them ‘Souper Bowls’. The bowl is in good shape for 40+ years of age

JR0225 Assorted tins

JR0225 Assorted tins

Kerosene Lamp

JR0216 Vieille Cure Liqueur – 1970s

A pretty darn beautiful bottle of Vieille Cure herbal liqueur from the 1970s. Looks like one of those stained glass windows – immeasurably cool.

Buck’s Junior No.2 Salesman Sample Stove with Accessories

24″ x 22″ x 12″. All original stove made of steel and nickel and includes all accessories.

Russel Stover Metal Tin

Walker Pure Butter shortbread Cookies

Copper Kettle

Brass Kettle with stand

Various stove elements

Mince Meat Grinder

Clay Jug

Clay Jug

Clay Jug

Clay Jug

Food and Drink Miscellaneous