Food and Drink
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Food and Drink
Food and Drink

Food and Drink Signs

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JR0274  “Coca Cola” neon sign

Vintage Coca-Cola Vintage Neon Sign 100 cm

JR0243 Granger tobacco advertising sign

The red colored background is rarely seen as most signs like this have a yellow background

JR0527 Harold’s Club license plate, Reno Nevada

Reads “Harold’s Club Or Bust – Reno, Nevada” featuring cattle-drawn covered wagon circa 1950s. Size 14″ x 8″

JR0259 Nickelodeon Bar & Restaurant

JR0259 Nickelodeon Bar & Restaurant” menu

Owned and operated by “Harolds Club” They developed a marketing campaign using 2000 billbards across the USA stating “Harolds Club or Bust”

Harolds club sold to Howard Hughes in 1970 for $11.5 Billions

JR0751 Yellow Cab Cigars

Yellow Cab 5 Cent Cigar Embossed Tin Sign.  19 3/4 X 6 3/4 inches.

JR0745 Pepsi cap advertising sign with Ribbed edge, Model M114

This is an original Pepsi-Cola bottle cap advertising sign. The sign shows the stylized lettering that reads “Pepsi-Cola”. The sign measures 26.75″ in diameter.

JR0744 Coke advertising button sign

This round, red advertising porcelain sign reads “Drink Coca Cola”. Wire for hanging is attached.
 48″ Diameter.


JR0907 Whistle sign 5’ x 18”

 54″ x 18.5″ Embossed Whistle sign

JR0909 Players Navy Cut Tobacco sign 6’ long

Players Navy Cut tobacco and cigarettes enamel sign.

JR0908 Coke sign 5’ x 18”

Coca Cola metal sign, “Drink Coca Cola”

JR0906 Coke sign 5’ x 18”

Coca-Cola 1941 Tin sign depicting a woman holding a Coke bottle, marked,


JR-1220 Orange Crush Bottle Cap sign

Complete with neon 
20″ Diameter

Large metal Coke sign

JR0753 Coke sign

Ice Cold Coca Cola Sold Here Tin Sign 

Food and Drink Signs