Arcade Amusements
Various items found in Arcades and Fairs across North America.
Arcade Amusements
Various items found in Arcades and Fairs across North America. Bring a nickel!
Arcade Amusements

Arcade Amusements Games

 JR0431  ‘Quizzer’ Trivia arcade game Model B

Description: Quizzer Game, Training Devices Incorporated (Detroit), post-WW2 (exact date unknown), a trivia game with lights trivia cards. Game had 100s of questions, all relative to the post-WW2 1940s/1950s. The questions were projected on a small screen using a device similar to a film strip projector using 35mm film. Five questions for 5 cents using a photo cell for scoring. Score is based on accuracy and time. Accurate and fast answers are get 8,000 points, and for each half second of delay, player loses 1,000 points. That is, a fast right answer gets 8,000 points, and a slow right answer can get as low as 1,000 points. Obviously an incorrect answer is worth no points.

JR0411 Antique Walting and Co. ‘Your Weight and Fortune’ enameled scale

Chicago, with central mirror, coin operated, glass panel with loss at fortune writing, Walting Scale Co. weighing scales with over 200 questions & answers, 1 cent operation
49.5″h, 17″w, 24.5″d

JR0416  Digger Coin-op arcade game

Coin-Op International Mutoscope Reel Co. Electric Traveling Crane Merchandise Vendor Floor Digger Arcade Machine w/ Gumball Vendor c1932

JR0429 Jan Ball Pachinko machine wall mounted arcade game ‘Ben Hur’

Vintage Pachinko Machine

JR0380 Arcade Machine advertising board Height: 20″

Old Time Flickers Movie Advertising Card

JR0586 Vintage Shoot the Moon Tabletop game

Test your skill and reflexes with this classic tabletop game. Aptly named as gravity is used for acceleration, just like in lunar excursions. Manipulate the rails to roll the ball uphill. The farther you get, the higher your score.

JR0407 Midway ‘Pac Man’ table model Video game

As there were many versions of this game, this widely released arcade machine was manufactured by Midway in 1981. This model is the two-player table version topped with clear glass, instead of the traditional upright model. Very similar to Pac-Man but with 4 different mazes with the fruits and prizes moving throughout the game. The cabinet is black with hand painted decals. An exhilarating arcade machine with an exceptional appearance.  Dimensions: 32″T x 29″D x 22″W.

JR0 Midway ‘Ms. Pac Man’ table model Video game


JR0422 Bally table model video game ‘Mr.Do’


This game is fully functional , powers up and plays! This coctail/arcade table would be a great addition to any home, rec room or collection. This item is in great condition with the glass fully intact with no cracks. The inside is clean and all parts are functional.

JR0552 Booz-Barometer game Maroon metal case

Circa 1950
Schematic for Booze Barometer. By J.kirby.
Drop coin in, switch closes and turns on the bulbs. The coil has a “tang” on it that holds the nickel in place in the coin mech and keeps the coin switch closed. When player handle hits the bent rod, the circuit is closed, bell rings, coil pulls “tang” in, nickel drops into coin box, coin switch opens, lights go off, bell stops ringing. Bell and coil are only on for about a second.

JR0283 Rockola Official Sweepstakes

Official Sweepstakes, Rockola, 1930s (exact date unknown). Available as a gumball trade simulator, or without the gumball vendor. Rotating horses allow the patron to bet on the winning horse. Very similar to Bally’s Spark Plug and Seeburg’s Grand National Sweepstakes.

A very desirable machine.

JR0362 Groetchen “Imp” trade stimulator with three rings of cigarette brands

Imp was produced by Groetchen Tool & Mfg. Co. in 1940.
Coin-operated trade stimulator, Groetchen Imp w/cigarette reels & gumball vendor, 3 of a kind wins any 15 Cent pack of cigarettes.
6″H x 6″W

JR0699 MILLS VIOLANO VIRTUOSO 5 cent Wall Box w/ Key

This is an original wall box for a Mills Novelty Violano Virtuoso , coin operatedself playing violin and piano nickelodeon. The coin slot is for a nickel. It is all complete and original, down to the original lock.


JR0353 Challenger tabletop arcade game ‘Shooting”

Dimensions: 16″ X 24″ X 9″

Vintage ABT Challenger Shooting / Gun Game Great old 1 Cent Shooting Game for your Collection, Office or Mancave…!! Manufactured in 1947 by ABT Needs repair /restoration..see below for details… Up for offer is a nice Vintage ABT Challenger Shooting /Gun Game. Circa 1940’s or so…!!! These old penny shooting games are FUN FUN FUN…!!! This is a completlely mechanical game…!!! Player inserts penny, cycles lever to release balls and then fires them at targets. Targets flip when hit. Targets reset with next penny insertion. Game shows nice original patina…!! Label on back panel is stamped 1947…!!! 

JR0958 F E Erickson “Swami” fortune teller napkin holder

1 Cent “Ask Swami” Countertop Fortune Teller Napkin Holder by F.E.

Would have been used in 1950’s diners. Remember the iconic Swami machine featured in the famous Twilight Zone episode starring William Shatner? Place a penny in the machine..ask a “yes” or “no” question and pull the lever. I asked if the machine would sell. My answer: “Present tendencies appear most favorable.” The machine works but not every time. The bars on the back are for holding a menu and  are  original, intact rubber feet for sitting on a countertop/table.Erickson Co. Inc.

Arcade Amusements Games

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