Arcade Amusements
Various items found in Arcades and Fairs across North America.
Arcade Amusements
Various items found in Arcades and Fairs across North America. Bring a nickel!
Arcade Amusements

Arcade Amusements Gambling

JR0412 Walting slot machine ‘rol-a-top’
Bird of Paradise design Circa 1936

26 × 16 × 15 in.
This restored Rol-A-Top slot machine exudes beauty with its nickel-plated aluminum features such as the large cornucopia with an out pour of coins. The front casting is brightly colored in yellow with details of red, highlighting the twin jackpot reserve at the center. Housed in a correct plywood cabinet with original paper reel strips and back door with a replacement lock. Cash box is also a replacement. Manufactured by Watling Mfg. Co. in 1935.


JR0417 Mills novelty slot machine with stand

American, 20th century. Mills Novelty War Eagle 25 cent slot machine reproduction case emblazoned in bright enamel and gold across the cabinet front with oak sides and base. Machine comes with Golden Nugget oak base. Machine height 26,5″, width 15.5″, depth 14.5″., Golden Nugget stand height 33.75″, width 17.3″, depth 17.25′.


JR0396 Jimmy “Sun Chief” slot machine

Jennings Rare Silver Dollar “Sun Chief” slot machine.



JR0409 Cal Omega slot machine

Cal-omega 1985 Casino poker slot machine

JR0425 Buckley slot machine ‘Seven Bells”

JR0426 Buckley long shot slot machine

Long Shot, Buckley, 1930s (exact date unknown), a payout horse race slot machine.

JR0690 Genco arcade game “Gypsy Fortune Teller” for horoscopes and fortunes with vibraphone.

Circa 1940- 1950’s Genco`s Horoscope Fortune Teller, arcade automaton, lady figure in floor model large wooden case, 68` x 23`.

“Gypsy Grandma” comes to life after depositing a coin into a slot. Once a selection is made using a rotary dial that illuminates the player’s astrological sign of choice, the animated gypsy fortune teller moves her head above a lighted crystal ball while holding a fan of playing cards in her right hand and magic wand in her left hand. 

JR0968 Wooden Indian Chief “Bob” 3’ tall

JR0441 Peter Ryan, Squamish carved cedar figure of an Indian warrior.

signed, circa 1980-1990

JR0688 Bill Harris “One Armed Cowboy” Slot machine

Model C-2 1986

24x72x24 inches. A Mills High Top machine has been incorporated to great effect in this custom carved cowboy. Players pull down gun to activate reels. Standing nearly six feet tall, this impressive showpiece would be a focal point in any collection.


Offering for sale this guaranteed original circa 1934 GATEWAY HORSE SHOES dice game made by the Exhibit Supply Company. Collectors sometimes refer to these machines as “flat top” trade stimulators – since they are housed in a rectangular cabinet. They are rather simplistic in their design and appearance which makes them elegant when you consider how effective they were at separating a player from their money! The HORSE SHOES game has three dice. The player begins by selecting a horse they want to place a bet on. They slide the front lever to select a horse. Then, they decide how much they want to bet. 



JR0684 Mills slot machine Blue painted metal case

5 cent Mills Novelty slot machine in excellent working original condition with key. It has the metal flop over lid to hide the reels and coin discharge slot. The Vest Pocket was designed to have the features of the largers machines only compacted.

JR0683 D.Gottlieb & co. Chicago “Improved Deluxe Grip” scale game,

Red metal case
1 Cent Countertop Mount Grip Scale 3-Way Strength Tester Arcade Machine by D. Gottlieb & Co., Chicago, Test hand strength w/ grip and test arm strength w/ levers c1930s

JR0681 Labyrintspel Ball Game

Vintage Brio Labyrinth Wooden Maze Ball Game Wood LABYRINTSPEL Made in Sweden

JR0680 Baker Novelty Co ‘Try Your Skill Football’ arcade game,

oak case 1 Cent Game of Skill Amusement. “Each Goal Ball Scores and Returns for Extra Kick” 17 1/2 x 14 x 10 inches.

JR0647 Mutoscope ‘Junior Digger’ Dispensing machine Model 810

Digger/crane coin-op amusement device manufactured by the International Mutoscope Reel Co., of New York. Produced during the heyday of digger/crane amusement games, this example, titled “Junior Crane,” displays a beautiful wood exterior and more closely resembles a piece of furniture than an amusement device. The intricate interior design features a working crane which can be maneuvered by means of knobs on the front control panel. The insertion of a coin allowed the customer to operate the crane, through the use of which he or she attempted to grasp any number of various prizes that would have been displayed within the case. If the customer were lucky enough to snag a prize, he or she would then maneuver the crane over the top of the exit chute and release it so that it could be collected on the outside. 

JR0484 Mills Dewey slot machine “The Dewey”Mills “Dewey”

5 cent upright cabinet slot machine . Very nice working condition with oak cabinet, heavily carved ornate designs, ornate metal accents, and claw feet.
Measures approximately 66″ tall by 29″ across by 21″ deep.

JR0679 ‘Pike’s Peak’ wall mounted game

1941 Groetchen Tool & Mfg. Co. Pike’s Peak Game

A mechanical arcade game/trade simulator that dispenses gum balls, try and get the metal ball to the top of Pikes peak.

JR0592 Field coin-drop slot machine ‘Five Jacks’

Counter top coin drop slot machine of Fields Manufacturing Co., manufactured in 1930 to 1931. It has an oak cabinet with an oak pin playfield and an aluminum cast face-plate with yellow, green and red details. “Practice Makes Perfect” as indicated at the center with 5 penny jackpot slots. Dimensions: 19″T x 16″W x 10″D.

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